Custom Work

I love creating new and unique art pieces. I will often come out with new pieces and will offer them up in my shop. However, I frequently find myself creating custom pieces for clients. I offer many types of custom work. I have broken them down into categories below. Please feel free to contact me about custom pieces and work. I have not made pricing information available because each piece is completely unique. However, you can expect custom pieces to start at around $75, and digitalized pieces to start at $100.

Custom Watercolor Pieces

These are pieces I create special for clients. I often will sell these pieces as prints as well unless the client specifically asks for me to not.

Custom Watercolor Logos

These logos or parts of a logo are painted, or drawn, scanned in, and then digitalized.

Custom Illustrations and/or Quotes

These are custom illustrations (not necessarily watercolor, sometimes done with copic, pen, and/or calligraphy pen). These pieces are not digitalized to remove backgrounds etc.

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