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This is a really quick blog post but I felt like it deserved more than just an Instagram or Facebook post :). I have always loved floral letters that I have seen on Pinterest. However, most of the time, they are either too small for the room, or the wrong flower colors. I figured I could order a custom one on Etsy, or I could just try my hand at making them! I made one for my daughter Noelle and one for my daughter Juliet.

So I did! I am so glad I gave it a shot because they came out great if I do say so myself. I didn’t really take any photos as I went along because I was just too into the project. However, I will break it down as much as I can below.

Hobby Lobby has plenty of different letters that you can use as your base if you prefer, however, these were all too expensive for me AND too small. I wanted something that would be a statement piece in the room. I also didn’t want it to be super heavy.

I decided to start with a piece of foam board (ie SUPER cheap and SUPER lightweight). I divided it in half, and then I traced out the letters on each side. I then used a box cutter to cut them out. You don’t have to worry about drawing them a couple of times since all the marks will be covered by flowers!

I then picked out the flowers I wanted to use. I found that using as many BIG flowers as possible looked the best. I cut off the ends, and hot glued them on. Then I went around and filled in all the gaps with smaller flowers, leaves, and other details.

One thing to note, the raw edge of the foam board will show from the side if you don’t cover it with leaves. I glued leaves around the edges (you can either do this before you start applying the flowers or after).

I hung it on the wall by hot glueing saw tooth hanger thing on the back. This part could be difficult because they need to be super even. For the “J” I only used one, and for the “N” I used two. I determined where to place the hanger on the “J” by pinching the top edge with my fingers, and seeing how the letter swung. Since a “J” is naturally an unbalanced letter, the hook was placed off center, so that it would hang straight.

It took me about a solid day of work to do all of this, however, I did watch plenty of Hallmark channel while doing it + I was watching my daughter. I am so happy with how they turned out!

As a side note, I got the flowers on discount at Hobby Lobby, and I estimate that each letter cost about $50 in flowers.

DIY Flower Letter DIY Flower Letter DIY Flower Letter DIY Flower Letter

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