Why I Quit Cloth Diapers, and What I Switched To

As a crunchy mom, I always thought I would cloth diaper all my children. I love the idea of cloth diapers and I love the cost savings that goes along with them. I even sold my high efficiency washer for a standard one so that I could clean them better and faster (although I love my old fashioned washer despite the cloth diapers)! However, with my second child, we decided to make a switch to disposables. Here are the things that contributed to my decision, and what I chose to use instead:

1. The location of the laundry room

In our previous home, Noelle’s (my eldest) bathroom was literally right across from the laundry room. Like 5 steps, you are there. So I didn’t have to carry the bag of dirty diapers that far to clean them. However, in our new home, the nursery (and associated bathroom) are upstairs, and the laundry room is downstairs. This means I would have to lug a bag of dirty diapers down the stairs and across the house to clean them. No thanks!

Favorite Diapers

2. Having a second kid makes it harder

I know the idea behind cloth diapers is that you can save money when you reuse them with subsequent children. However, it also becomes that much harder. Cloth diapers aren’t easy. They are a lot of laundry. I had a relatively large stash but still had to do laundry frequently with them. You also have to keep up with the stains, the stench, and if your kid gets a yeast rash, dealing with THAT! I didn’t have time to do that when I also have a 4 year old running around.

3. They just don’t hold pee well

Now don’t get me wrong. I like cloth diapers. I actually had bumgenius diapers with bamboo inserts that I bought. They worked super well since bamboo absorbs much more than the microfiber. However, cloth diapers cannot compare to disposables when it comes to absorption. They do however manage poop much better. I don’t know why, they just do. However, if I can have a diaper that absorbs more pee, I can change fewer diapers (theoretically).

4. I go out a lot

I didn’t like having to change cloth diapers when I was out and about. Even with Noelle, it was a pain. I had to carry the dirty diaper around with me for the rest of the time I was out vs just throwing it in the trash. So sometimes I would just use a disposable when we went out. The thing is that with Noelle, we didn’t go out a lot. She was my only child and we spent a lot of time at home. However, Juliet goes out of the house a lot because Noelle has friends and activities! Juliet probably leaves the house with us at least once a day for an hour or two. So I would be using disposables ANYWAY.

Favorite Diapers

Ok ok… so that is why I made the switch. I sold off my cloth diapers and embraced the disposable life. However, that doesn’t mean that I am just going to use standard diapers. I still wanted something very natural. I looked into a LOT of brands. I had used Seventh Generation and Honest Company with Noelle when I needed disposables but I knew they weren’t the BEST choice. So after hours of research, I came across Bambo Nature. These are literally the BEST natural diaper on the market. Basically, they are as crunchy as you can get without going to cloth! So how do my favorite diapers perform?

AMAZING! I LOVE these diapers… did I mention that already? Seriously they absorb so well that I could probably leave my daughter in ONE all day (I definitely wouldn’t do that but I bet you could)! I haven’t had one pee accident with these diapers (even overnight)! We used to have accidents all the time with Noelle in Huggies overnights, We don’t have any with these. I am super impressed.

These diapers also aren’t huge and bulky like cloth diapers. Don’t know if there is much more I can say there… I just like how they are slim.

We haven’t had ONE diaper rash with these diapers yet. Now I am probably jinxing myself with this but Noelle had many diaper rashes. Juliet has not had one rash. She isn’t on solids yet so I have no doubts we will eventually get a rash, but I am just surprised we have been in the clear for this long.

Favorite Diapers

Now, the lack of rashes might also have to do with the wipes we use. We love these wipes too. We used to use Honest company wipes (with Noelle) but decided to switch to these because they have even less chemicals. We use these Water Wipes. All they have is water and some grapefruit seed extract (yes I know there is some controversy over grapefruit seed extract but figuring these are recommended by so many allergy specialists AND my own experience with them has been great, I will continue to use them). Even the honest company wipes have too many chemicals for me. I know some people make their own wipes with paper towels (you will see several DIY videos on youtube for this). This really isn’t the greatest idea. Paper towels go through a very extensive process AND are made with paper basically. This makes them very rough on baby’s bottom.

Either way my experience with these two products has been AMAZING!! I can order them on Amazon as well and subscribe so I don’t have to worry about ever running out. Even some Earth Fares carry them in stock too.

Have you tried Bambo Nature or Water Wipes? What are your favorite diapers? Comment below!

Disclosure: I am an amazon affiliate, so if you use my links above to purchase something, I receive a small amount. You don’t have to use my links but I appreciate if you do 🙂

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