Natural Life Gift Guide 2018

Natural Gift Guide

So I definitely had some interest when I polled my instagram for a crunchy/natural living gift guide. This gift guide is basically items that are great for transforming your life into a healthier one. 

Some of these items may not be the most “glamorous” per se, but hey we have all received socks and underwear at Christmas at times right? They aren’t worse than THAT (AND they help you live a more chemical free, natural lifestyle)!

Some of these gifts are also ideas for the kiddos. They live in your house too right? So might as well include them in the effort to clean up the chemicals!

So here we go 

  1. Planet Boxes – You have seen my post on these (and if you haven’t here is the link). I love these boxes because they are so convenient and they are made with stainless steel. They also help you get creative with lunches!
  2. Dirty Genes Book – This is a book by Dr. Ben Lynch. I HIGHLY recommend it. If you have heard of the MTHFR snp, you will definitely enjoy this. Many of us are trying to be healthier but we need to go a bit deeper. This book will help you do that. It will also give you a good foundation into some functional medicine concepts! If you don’t want to READ it, get the audio book here!
  3. Earth Mama Organics – I really could do a whole post on them. There are so many products out there. I love their lip balms, and their baby wash. Their post partum tea is also AMAZING. We also use their diaper balm, and I use their baby oil on my face (which seriously has reduced redness for me!). If you are about to deliver a baby, I HIGHLY recommend the perineal spray  (it is a LIFE saver!) They have a line of deodorants and sunscreens that I have yet to try as well. 
  4. Primal Pit Paste and Schmidts – I love both of these natural deodorants. You can get them easily on amazon in a variety of different scents. Traditional deodorants are so full of chemicals and even aluminum. Moving to a safer option is a huge step in cleaning up your health and lifestyle. My husband even uses this one and says it works well! 
  5. Poofy Organic Nail Polish – So many chemicals in nail polish. SOOOOO many. Many of them actually go into your blood stream too. I know we think that our nails just keep everything out but they definitely don’t. I love Poofy polish. I use it on myself and my girls. Honestly, check out everything from Poofy organics! They make so many other great products as well!
  6. Salt Lamps – So I am not going to write anything on here one way or another on whether salt lamps are beneficial. I have seen things that definitely say they are, and others that say they aren’t. I do however think they are pretty and love the warm glow they give off. We use one as a nightlight in our daughter’s room. So if you like them, check out these. 
  7. Homeopathic kit – Dive into the world of homeopathic remedies. This is a great starter kit and there is a great book here that can help you manage it. I got this kit for Christmas a couple years back and have really enjoyed learning about homeopathics and trying my hand at different remedies
  8. Wellness Mama cookbook – LOVE LOVE LOVE this cookbook. I love it because the recipes are so nutritious but also not a million ingredients. Don’t you hate that when you get a cookbook and you realize it is going to take you 2 hours just to shop for the ingredients for ONE recipe. This is a different kind of cookbook! Check it out! I use it often and have modified many of the recipes as well. 
  9. Natursutten pacifiers – We use these natural pacifiers and really love them. This is a great stocking stuff for your little ones that really don’t understand Christmas or have anything specific they want. 
  10. Berkey Water Filters – Now I will give a small disclaimer here that we no longer use our Berkey because we upgraded to a much more expensive system. However, if I was to pick a filter that didn’t cost thousands… this one would be it! It filters so much and has been tested to keep your water clean. Clean filtered water is SUPER important these days, and a Brita definitely doesn’t cut it! 
  11. Pots and Pans – We use a combination of pots and pans. We use these stainless steel ones (here) that I love because they cook evenly. I know they are expensive but we have tried others and these really do cook well. We just buy one at a time. Le Creuset is a really great brand as well (I especially love their large pots), and Xtrema is another GREAT brand. These are all not cheap, but consider adding one pot or pan to your arsenal a year! 
  12. Hook & Loom Rugs – Did you know that most rugs have a load of toxic chemicals in them? Most rugs contain fire retardants along with a host of other chemicals. Hook and Loom rugs are natural materials and do not contain any of those nasty chemicals. Some of them you can even machine wash! The one linked is the one we own. 

Ok so that is it for now. Honestly, there is so much more I could include. I think I will be doing a natural makeup review in an upcoming blog post. There are too many great brands out there to just pick one or two, so stay tuned for that! 

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Lindsey Portugal is based out of middle TN

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