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Post Partum Product

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When you are planning for your baby, we spend a lot of time focusing on…well… baby! Buying baby new clothes, the crib, the blankets, the car seat, the bath products etc. However, many moms don’t think about themselves! Postpartum care is so important for moms because having a baby can be rough on your body. As a doula, I have seen a lot of different products out there for postpartum. However, there are some products that for me stand out above the rest! These are postpartum products that not only have I recommended as a doula but I have used myself.

Amazingly all but one of these products come from one brand that I love and trust: Earth Mama Organics (also known as Earth Mama Angel Baby). Earth Mama Organics has also graciously given my readers a coupon code! This coupon code can be used on any of their products (non-sale items) until April 30, 2019. Use Lindsey20 to get 20% off! 

First up! This product that I am about to rave about might be a little… well uncomfortable to discuss for some! I am THAT friend, the one that has gifted this item at a baby shower (thats how much I LOVE it). I get some odd looks at the shower, but let me tell you how many times I have had my new mama friends text me and say “OH MY GOSH! This stuff is amazing!”…. my only response is “I know right?!” So what is it? 

It’s the Earth Mama Herbal Perineal Spray (used to be the New Mama Bottom Spray). This stuff is amazing for postpartum moms. It helps to ease “down there” after a vaginal delivery. What I love about it is that you don’t have to touch anything (cause goodness knows you don’t want to do that!). You just use your perineal bottle first to rinse, then spray on for sweet relief! 

Next up, the Herbal Sitz Bath. If you have a home birth or a birth center birth you will probably have one of these after you deliver. Sometimes they will give you the remaining dry herbs they didn’t use but it often isn’t much.  I know with Noelle’s birth, I took quite a few of these baths in my postpartum healing days. This sitz bath was by far my favorite! 

Ok enough talk about the “nether regions”, let’s talk about our milk making machines now! Any mom can tell you, the first week or two of breastfeeding can be ROUGH. Even if your baby has a perfect latch, there is still an adjustment period for the nipples. I used lanolin for my first baby, but then I read some information that made me very uncomfortable using it for my second baby. I used this Organic Nipple Butter instead and LOVED it. I actually ended up using it on my dry cracked lips too (since I delivered both my girls in the winter and it was just so dry outside!). It is amazing how fast it works at actually healing the skin. 

Now, this product I HAVE NOT USED, but I have heard rave reviews as a doula. I don’t typically like to recommend products I haven’t used but in this case, I feel comfortable doing so. If you are prone to mastitis, I would definitely recommend these. These are Booby Tubes. They are gel free tubes that basically you place around your boob and they can be heated or cooled to give you some comfort. They are made with organic cotton and flax seed. You get two per package – one for each booby 🙂

I am including one more product here that I have not used personally because I have heard great things: The Skin & Scar Balm. The only reason I have never used this is because I didn’t deliver via cesarean. However, for all those cesarean mamas, check this product out! It is also for stretch marks as well. Personally, I haven’t found any product to help with stretch marks (although I haven’t tried this one). 


Earth Mama Organics makes some AMAZING teas that I continue to use and my daughter is over a year old. To be honest, I had a cup of their periodic tea this morning (just because I liked the taste)! They have MANY more teas on their website as well. If you would like to shop all their teas, click here.  I am only mentioning the ones I have TRIED. 

First up, the Milkmaid Tea. Now, every mom is different when it comes to what works for them to keep their supply up. I have used a multitude of teas in the past but I will say this one worked the best for me. I am NOT saying it will work well for you, but it did for me. I tried a couple other organic versions from Whole Foods and they just didn’t work like this one did. Now, the flavor is not my favorite (but I haven’t really found any “milky” teas that taste super great) but it WORKS! Note: It does have fenugreek, just in case you are sensitive to that. 

The Periodic Tea. THIS THIS THIS THIS!!! I absolutely LOVE this tea for postpartum. I would drink a mug full of it every morning. The flavor is AMAZING. It also can be used for your period as well. Do not use it during pregnancy. Seriously, even if you aren’t postpartum, this tea is phenomenal just to have on hand for that time of the month. 

All of this said, Earth Mama Organics has some amazing postpartum products. There are so many other products on their website as well. Check them out and don’t forget to use the discount code above! 

Non-Earth Mama Products

Although I didn’t mean for this blog post to be completely Earth Mama Organics, I just know what worked for me and their products worked. I also love how I can trust their ingredients to be pure. They are never putting in anything questionable. 

I did want to include this one item however that I absolutely always recommend for my post partum friends or clients. 

Philips Avent Breast Shells 

These are amazing for really sore nipples. They allow your nipples to be suspended within the shell (ie nothing is touching them). Most breast pads are just that “pads” and something is touching your sore, cracked nipple. These also collect the milk so that you aren’t just dripping either. I recommend these over breast pads ANY day. They are really for the first couple of weeks though, after that, I just move on to breast pads. 

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