The Perfect Wardrobe and Why its Important

The Perfect Wardrobe

I wanted to write this post because I feel like it will give my clients a better idea of what kind of wardrobe I prefer in sessions. One unique perk that I offer to all my clients is a wardrobe consultation. Some of my clients take advantage of it, and some do not. Clients can text, skype, video chat, or email me ideas that they have for their wardrobe. This way we can make any changes needed! I have even had clients text me while they are shopping. This way we can ensure they have the perfect wardrobe for the session

So why is wardrobe so important? Wardrobe is important because I want my clients to receive a very consistent result in their images. Many of the beautiful images you see on my website, can only occur when the right clothing is chosen. My photography and editing style lends itself to a certain color palette. I will give some wonderful examples below.

In addition to the stylistic outcome, there are other reasons why I try to encourage my clients to wear this palette:

  1. It helps avoid color cast. Bright colored clothing can sometimes reflect light back onto your skin and create a color cast on the face. This is less than ideal as it is very difficult to edit out later on.
  2. Some colors don’t print well. Some very bright pinks and blues do not print well. They are what we would call “out of gamut”. I do my best to adjust these colors down in editing, but it is not always possible. When printed these colors will be “flat” and look very odd.
  3. Bright colors often wash the skin out, making you look “pale” in comparison.

Now, I am not saying this is the ONLY way one should dress for a photoshoot. I have many great photographer friends that would encourage their clients to wear very different things. However, they also specifically encourage those wardrobes so that the resulting images are consistent with the work they display and the way they edit. For example, some photographers encourage bold colors. This fits with the way they edit and shoot.

So what clothing do I recommend?

A. Light color clothing – white, ivory, tan

B. Neutrals 

C. Pastels

D. For women – flowy feminine skirts and dresses look amazing in the light

E. For me – Although I am not against polos, I highly recommend a button down shirt with rolled up sleeves or something similar.

What clothing do I discourage?

A. Cargo shorts, cargo pants, etc

B. Flipflops

C. Shorts – if you have a senior session then shorts can be included but for family portraits I highly discourage them.

D. Dark colors – dark jeans are ok if EVERYONE in the group or couple is not wearing them

E. Matching Matchy – this was a very popular look back in the 80s and 90s. Basically everyone is wearing the same thing or a variation of the same thing. I want my clients to COORDINATE, but not MATCH

F. Busy patterns or small stripes

Here are some example sessions of perfect wardrobe choices:

I have also created a pinterest gallery of ideas:

There are always exceptions to these guidelines but this is what I recommend in general. I highly encourage all my clients to contact me regarding wardrobe, no question is too much or too silly!

Here are some great store recommendations if you plan on going shopping for your session:

Morning Lavender

Altar’d State



Free People

Skylar Belle

Plum Pretty Sugar


Lindsey Portugal is based out of middle TN

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