What to Expect/FAQ

My greatest goal in each photography session is to create a memorable experience for you! Rather than purely staged images, my desire is to capture the life, fun, and spontaneous moments that unfold during the session.  In my opinion, the greatest photos are the ones that capture the stories of the people in them in a real way. Getting your photos taken should be fun and exciting, not awkward! I want you to feel completely relaxed and comfortable. You don’t have to be anybody but yourself in your session. As long as you bring yourself, your story, and a desire to have fun…you have done your job!

All that being said, here are some simple steps you can take to ensure a great session:

  1. Look through my website! Check out the style of the photography and make sure that this fits the style you are looking for. Every photographer has a different style and that is what makes it an art form. If you like saturated and punchy, you might be disappointed when the photographs are not that. My style is very natural, light, airy, and “film-like”.  I try to capture natural emotion more than staged smiles.  You can get a good idea of my style by looking through my portfolio!
  2. Take advantage of the wardrobe advice! I offer all my clients free wardrobe consultations. I also provide my clients with a Pinterest board of ideas. You can text me different ideas and I can help you formulate the perfect wardrobe. It is astonishing how wardrobe can play such a big part in the final product.
  3. Print your photos! I do not require my clients to print photos and I do give the digital files. That being said, I highly encourage all my clients to PRINT their photos. You invest in these photos, wouldn’t it be nice to see them on your wall! I know that I enjoy seeing my family photos on my wall. Photos were meant to be displayed, not tucked away in a computer file. I offer a variety of different products to choose from and archival prints/albums (so your family can view them for years to come!).

Regarding Locations – I typically like to shoot on-site at an outdoor location so that we can get natural light (which I prefer to use). However, newborn sessions are often taken at the client’s home. I will give you a variety of location choices from which to choose. If you are absolutely in love with a specific location, or it has a special meaning to you, let me know!

To learn more about me, check out the about me page here.

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